SOME PHOTOS OF THE BOOK: A Glimpse of Evil, part I


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Norbert Podlesny
Norbert Podlesny has 30 years of career as a historian, dealer, and artifacts in authentification. Over the years, he traveled to hundreds of to flea markets around the world, searching to acquire artifacts. Podlesny’s grandfather was a prisoner in the concentration camp “KL Majdanek” and since his young age, he was attracted to this specific subject matter. Over the years, his passion has grown and became a work of expertise and, today, he collaborates with many holocaust museums around the world to do artifacts authentification and research.
Daniel de Varennes
Daniel de Varennes, who graduated from the HEC with a master degree M.Sc., is president of the Holocaust Artifacts Foundation (HAF) and also the founder of the publishing company HAF BOOKS. His contribution to the preservation of artifacts is very significant. He has been studying WWII for the last 10 years and he is himself a fervent collector of Holocaust artifacts. His experience in design has been also very important for the creation of this book as well as his implication in the research and the writing.


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